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Herbalism is not just about the products, but also conversations, advice, sharing of experiences… 

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Nowadays herbalists aren’t just walking around in the meadows and forests but are very active users of the internet. Send us an email or visit our active Facebook page for free advice/guidance.  

If you want to know how it all started, read The story of Maršič about the man who decided to find the solution for his problems in nature. For the medicine of that time this was a miracle.



Comments from our customers

The ointment is great for everything, even for more things than written in the instructions. I don’t go anywhere without it. I apply it whenever something hurts me or itches. It’s a remedy for 1000 and 1 thing.

Marija Z.
7.3.19, Facebook

Dear all! I’ve been using your ointment for many years and there’s nothing that can replace it. It helps me with joint pains, sinus infection and many other things. I’m not going to list everything because you know where it helps. Kind regards.

Rajka K.
20.7.18, mail

Dear all! I would like to thank you for your wonderful remedies. I used your ointment a couple of years ago and it successfully cured my problems with ovaries and hemorrhoids. I would like to know if I can buy your product in Belgrade, and if not, how can I order it? Best regards.

Dragana N.
22.9.17, mail

This ointment is good for almost any problem. We don’t know how to live without it. It helps with insect bites, burns, muscle pain, low back pain…My sister is a teacher and children on trips often sleep away from home for the first time. Sometimes they have a stomachache, sometimes a headache…what do you think is in her first aid kit? Maršič herbal ointment. A useful remedy for many illnesses.

Živa E.
5.6.19, Facebook

Do you send your products to Austria and does the ointment come in a tube with applicator since you can use it for hemorrhoids? It’s the only thing that has helped me, I‘ve been struggling with hemorrhoids for 15 years. Regards.

Samir H.
21.4.19, Facebook

I’ve been using your products, the ointment and teas for many years. One professor from Sarajevo used to bring them regularly, but now it seems she is no longer here. So I’m looking for somebody who can bring them to me. For ten years I’ve never been without the ointment or tea.

Senada O.
22.9.19, Facebook


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