I can only praise this ointment, it is unique and really helpful for everything. I have been using it for at least 30 years, of course when I need it. I have cured a fatty lump on my back and cleared my face with it. I recommend it with all my heart to everyone.

Zorica S.

After using your products, I feel great. My wife applies the ointment on the veins on the right leg and knee and the veins have disappeared, it seems that the ointment reduces the swelling and the veins. It really is a miracle ointment. The teas are fantastic, I feel much better now. They detoxify the blood and body, which I never doubted.
Greetings from Schwarzwald in summer.

Huber F.

I’ve been using the Maršič ointment for many years and I must say I’m very, very satisfied. It started with a fatty tissue on which I applied the ointment and after 15 days it disappeared. I had a date for surgery. After that I even consumed the ointment orally. It is perfect for oral ulcers and even neurological problems. The drops have helped me immensely with a thyroid cyst.

Marijana R. S.

I had severe sciatica at 28. I could barely put on my shoes for 4 months. Following my relative’s advice, I used one package and a half of the ointment and the pain disappeared. Then I had a stiff back for a year and a half. At that time, I used a very hard bed without the pillow. Now, after 45 years, I still don’t have any problems with my back. I also had an infected wound on my foot with pus coming out for 4 months. I applied the Maršič ointment on it, towards the end I added some Swedish bitters tincture. The wound healed in 8 days.

Andrej P., Logatec

After lying in bed due to Covid I developed polyneuropathy, which now, after 3 months, manifests as pain in both shanks and increased tonus in both shanks and hands. Since the pain has lessened, as soon as I feel the pain, I apply your ointment on the spot and the pain immediately goes away. After physical therapy I put it on my feet and hands. I realized my circulation is much better. Since I’ve been working as a doctor in the red zone of a Covid hospital I developed some spots on my chin and now after 4 days of regular application they are starting to get away. I am really pleased with the results and very grateful for your product. Heartfelt greetings.

Dr. Ksenija Č.

I‘ve been doing the ointment, drops and tea treatment every year since 1976 because it has really helped me. I would not have survived without it. In the past, we needed to go to Škofljica on Thursdays to get it. I am very thankful that now they can be delivered to our home. Thank you family MARŠIČ!

Slavica Š., 25.3.20

Always the best ointment. You can even eat it. My sister-in-law was advised by Mr. Maršič a few years ago to spread it on a piece of bread and eat it. It was very good for her. Their tea is also worth its weight in gold. We used to buy it many years ago. I hope it is still so! All the best.

Ladka S., 25.7.19

Greetings from Rijeka. I just wanted to let you know that you have a little fan of your excellent ointment in Rijeka. Katarina is one year old and we’ve been using your product since her birth: for teeth, diaper rash, cradle cap. She loves it so much she could eat it. Thank you very much.

Mia B.

I’ve had the Maršič herbal ointment in my medicine cabinet for over 40 years. My grandmother was the first to tell me about it, and she used it to cure everything. Last year, I met a gentleman from Germany in Croatia who, when I told him I lived in Slovenia, first thought of the ointment. He was booked in for hemorrhoid surgery, which was not necessary because of the ointment. Recently, it has helped me a lot with my ear problems. When I have a cold, I always put it on my chest, my nose and my sinuses. The ointment is everything it promises and much more.

Mirjana B.

I’ve been buying your ointment for 30 years. I started using it for a cyst on my ovary, which decreased in size after the use of your ointment and didn’t pose a problem anymore. After that the whole family started using it for sore throat and mostly for the skin.

Nives, Sv. Petar u šumi

My mother has been using your ointment for many years, since the time of the former Yugoslavia. She massages her chest, neck and the gums of her teeth with it. It suits her and it gives her some relief. I have just spoken to her, she still has the ointment. And I will buy from you again when I run out of it. I also like your ointments, drops and teas. I even melt the ointment in my mouth and swallow it. I do the same with drops, with a teaspoon of honey. By doing so a prolonged and uncomfortable coughing has stopped. Thank you very much.

Ismet T., Siegendorf

Hello. This ointment is a must for me and I use it the mornings and evenings for inflammations. I had a severe tonsillitis, the antibiotics did not help and the body started to ignore the infection. The otorhinolaryngologist had already threatened me with tonsil surgery. I asked him if we could wait a little longer. As per miracle I came across this ointment and started to take it morning and night, I put a pea size of it under my tongue. After three weeks, the specialist was dumbfounded at the check-up and asked me what I had done to stop the inflammation. I told him that I had been treating with herbs and he was astonished. 20 years have passed since that inflammation, my tonsils are still where they should be and this ointment has been with me ever since. This is my experience with this ointment. Thank you for still making it.

Albina H.

Good day. The ointment I used is quite itch-relieving. My urticaria has faded, now I only have it in some places. I also drink the teas and I feel much better.
Thank you

Ana B., Makarska, 29.8.19