Herbalist IVAN MARŠIČ from Škofljica near Ljubljana was one of the most successful herbalists not only in the former Yugoslavia, but also on a European and wider scale. This is proven by hundreds of people healed, whom modern medicine could no longer help, and thousands healed throughout the Balkans, Europe and the world, who accepted his treatment methods and his instructions. Not one of the patients complained that the products did not help. In addition to patients, experts from various fields of medicine and pharmacy often sought his advice.

Mihailo Blečić, Life Without Disease - Health Book of Ivan Maršič


IVAN MARŠIČ started working in herbalism in the distant year 1962 due to his severe illness, when he was only 27 years old. At that time, he was employed as a police officer at the Ljubljana Railway Station. He had severe purulent inflammation of the kidneys with fistulas. Doctors predicted a maximum of one month of life if he did not undergo surgery. He experienced such severe pain that he often fell unconscious. He also took a lot of medicines, but they did not help him.

He remembered his parents and grandmother, how they harvested herbs during his childhood and treated the sick and wounded people for free. While he was waiting for a difficult and risky surgery, he began to realize that he was responsible for his own health, and eventually cancelled the surgery. On the same day, he abandoned all harmful vices and helped himself to health with natural means. Within three weeks, he was back on his feet and had to go to work because he had not been granted medical leave by healthcare services due to the canceled surgery. Since then, he never needed medical attention again.

For the medicine of the time this was a miracle; nobody could believe it. The information spread rapidly and he became a person so sought after that he even had to avoid people if he wanted to have at least a bit of privacy. Journalists also wrote a lot about him, especially in Serbia and Croatia. There are even two books based on him.

He decided to continue the work of his parents. The demanding job did not allow him much time, so he created his herbal ointment at night. He needed ten more years to complete the recipe and today we produce his ointment following the same recipe. They started to use it even in some hospitals for the rehabilitation of disabled people and patients with cerebral palsy. In the early 1970s, he began producing two tea blends and herbal drops, which also had a lot of success in treatment.

He helped many poor people even free of charge because the satisfaction of patients meant more than earnings to him. For this reason, the price of his products has always been very affordable. The Maršič ointment has earned the status of a folk ointment.

His products are still widely known and appreciated at home and abroad. After the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 90s business was quite difficult, so he decided to operate mainly in Slovenia. This allowed him to focus on individualized treatment of difficult patients at home.

In 2012, his grandson BORUT ZUPANČIČ took over the herbalist trade and he has been helping and advising many people just as successfully. Now, Herbalism Maršič is returning to the markets of the former common state.